Underground Public House – An Orlando Gastropub

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Located in the heart of downtown Orlando is the Underground Public House. This is a gastropub serving its visitors natural and organic foods when possible. The beef they serve is grass fed and they also have house made dressings, as well as, other foods. Other foods include fish & chips and bangers & mash. My friend and I decided to give this British inspired place a try before a night out.

Walking inside, you’ll see brick walls, nice wood floors and flat screen TVs sporting the latest games. I felt that I was in a bar back home in Ohio. I love the look of old brick buildings, and enjoy the nostalgic feel of the late 1800s/early 1900s architecture. When my friend and I walked into this bar, we sat down and were immediately welcomed by a very nice bartender who was also from Ohio. Not giving them extra points because of this, but it was nice talking to someone who is originally from the place I grew up.

After speaking with him for a few moments, he got our drinks and took our order.  I felt the service was pretty great. Everyone was helping each other out and the bartenders were very friendly and outgoing. I ordered a Rum and Coke. A very basic drink, but at this place you can most definitely taste the rum. It was very strong.

I ended up getting the Chicken Avocado Club with a side Caesar salad. The sandwich includes – grilled chicken, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, avocado, sprouts, tomato, dijonaise on Texas toast.

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I really enjoyed this sandwich. The chicken was very tender and the applewood bacon was definitely smoked. I loved the dijonaise on this club and the slices of avocado were so fresh. I felt that the sprouts did not have much flavor, but really gave the sandwich a crunchy texture, which I liked. Also, the fact that they put this sandwich on Texas toast brought it to a new level of delicious.

Also, my side Caesar salad was huge and the lettuce was so fresh! I was very pleased by this. The only comment I have to make is that I only had one crouton on my salad. My meal overall was very good.

So, if you’re going to enjoy a night on the town and are looking for a quick bite to eat, I recommend giving the Underground Public House a try. Great service, good food and drinks, and moderately priced.

Underground Public House

19 South Orange Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801

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