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I recently tried donuts that Homer Simpson would probably do jumping jacks for. The Donut King is located in the small town of Minneola, Fla. The well-known shop is located in a small and run-down building. What’s really distinct about this restaurant is its logo. Boasting bright yellow and blue colors, you cannot miss the sign outside of their building or the box they place their unique donuts inside. What’s even more impressive about this shop? It’s open 24 hrs.

When I visited for the first time, I felt that I was time warped back into a 1970s bakery. When I lived in Ohio, my grandma and I would go to a bakery in Indiana that had all its cookies, pies and cakes displayed on racks. That’s exactly what this shop does. All the donuts are displayed behind the counter for everyone to see. These look amazing. With more than 20 types of donuts to choose from, I couldn’t pick just one. I ended up getting a dozen of these donuts for the great price of $7.79.


However, my favorites would have to be the Reese’s Pieces donut, the red velvet donut and the original glazed donut.

The Reese’s Pieces– a glazed donut with chocolate and Reese’s Pieces. If you’re looking for something rich with a peanut butter flavor, I definitely recommend this donut.

The Red Velvet –  the texture was cake like and I could really taste the red velvet flavor. This item is for anyone who enjoys a nice slice of red velvet cake.

The Glazed – very sweet and has a nice soft texture. These tasted so fresh and delicious. I feel you can never go wrong with a classic.

The Maple – Syrup flavored and very rich, I was not a fan as I do not like this kind of flavoring. If you’re a pancakes/waffle lover, I highly recommend.

The Sourdough – a donut with a very cake like texture. This was a bit dry for me and wish it had a little bit more flavor.


Not only does this shop offer donuts, but they also offer other breakfast items and their famous Castle Burger. Being from the state that the White Castle burger originated in, I had to pass on this one. My friend gave this a try and said it tasted similar to White Castle sandwiches. I have never been a fan of White Castle, but if you’re looking for something similar to their sandwiches, I’ve been told these are pretty tasty.

If you want a sweet breakfast item or a late night snack, this is the place to go. Minneola is located near the Clermont area, so it can be a bit of a drive. If Homer Simpson would possibly do a jumping jack for these donuts, I feel that they’re worth a try.

The Donut King

208 US Highway 27
Minneola, FL 34711

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  1. And the little Castle Burgers are every bit as good as Krystal or White Castle.

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