Take A Step Back In Time At The Old Spanish Sugar Mill


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After a fun filled day of swimming, running and kayaking at DeLeon Springs State Park, I wanted food that would satisfy my immense hunger. My boyfriend suggested we go to the on property restaurant, The Old Spanish Sugar Mill. Knowing me, I could not say no because I have read about this place on several Orlando blogs and have wanted to try it.

As we walked inside the first thing I noticed was the fact I was not cooling off. This mill was supposedly built in the early 1800s to crush sugar cane and the actual restaurant opened in 1961. Seeing the dates of construction, we can assume that is why the restaurant has no air conditioning and only had a few ceiling fans to compensate for the lack of cool air.

As we were seated, the griddle that was in the middle of our table amazed me. To let you all know, I am not a great cook by any means. I was actually a little nervous about using this griddle. As the server came to our table she asked for our drink orders and explained how the table worked. As she turned on the griddle for us, a wave of heat hit our faces. When she came back, she gave us our glasses of milk and took our orders. Given the amazing price of $4.95, we had no choice but to order the unlimited unbleached white flour and whole wheat pancakes. In addition to this, we ordered sides of eggs, bacon and sausage.

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As our server brought out the meal, the aromas of the bacon and sausage took over. As I took a bite, the bacon was not overcooked  and contained a little bit of fat. The sausage patties I dabbed with a napkin because there was quite a bit of grease but had a strong flavor. I felt like I was at home again eating breakfast with my family. Then came the pancake batter. Two pitchers of pancake batter were set before me and I was ready to create some monster pancakes. I grabbed my spatula and poured the pancakes on the hot surface. It took less than five minutes to cook these fluffy pancakes, and to my surprise, I didn’t burn them. As I took a bite, the syrup, butter and soft texture of the pancake melted in my mouth.

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I only have one word for these pancakes. Excellent.


The Old Spanish Sugar Mill: 

601 Ponce Deleon Blvd  De Leon Springs, FL 32130
(386) 985-5644

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