Junior Colombian Burger – Satisfying Your Greasy Burger Craving

Sometimes I just crave a big greasy burger to sink my teeth into. To satisfy my craving, I’ll hop in my car and head to Junior Colombian Burger on South Kirkman Road, because they have never disappointed me yet.

Located very close to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, this burger joint was once a food truck. The restaurant isn’t much to look at and is located in a pretty low-key strip mall. There aren’t any tables inside and your only seating options are bar stools and a long countertop across a narrow hallway. I always get the Cheeseburger, or No. 1, as they always refer to their most popular item.

Their burgers are absolutely insane. What I am about to include is a list of all of the toppings that this burger consists of: tomato, lettuce, onions, cheese, potato chips, garlic-mayo, ketchup, pink (sauce) and pineapple on a toasted buttery bun.

When I finally get to sink my teeth into a burger, it’s always juicy and the meat tastes so good. The bun is always soft and melts in my mouth. The garlic-mayo and pink (sauce) are both very interesting flavors. The garlic-mayo is rich, creamy and the garlic is easily noticeable. The pink (sauce) has a sweet flavor and has a unique taste that I cannot explain. My favorite part of the burger would have to be the potato chips on top. Whoever came up with this genius idea gets extra points in my book.

If you’re not craving hamburgers, the joint also offers hot dogs, corn cakes and quesadillas. I have not tried these so I will not go into great detail, but I’ve heard from others that the quesadillas are pretty tasty.

I recommend this burger joint to anyone looking for a late night snack or is looking for a yummy burger.


Junior Colombian Burger

5389 S. Kirkman Road

Orlando, FL 32819

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